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Serving Atlanta & Surrounding Cities Within 20 Miles
Brokedown? Got a Flat? Need a Towing Service? Call Now, We Can Be There In A Matter of Minutes. Open 24/7. For All Light Duty Towing & Roadside Assistance.
Towing and Recovery
Professional service for your short and long distance journeys, covering all your roadside assistance needs

Roadside Assistance 
Flat? Malfunction? Brokendown? Flat TIres. Car Unlocking, Fuel Deliveries, & Jupstarts. Call For Service.

Jumpstarts and Lockouts
We offer services to suit all situations need a jump? Locked out? Need a winch?

About Us and Our Services

Crawford 24 Hour Towing Service is conveniently located around the Atlanta area with a 20 mile service area. We keep our service area small so that each and every one of our customers is reached within 45 minuted of the initial call. Sometimes and only sometimes does this goal fall short of our expectations. you can bet that with a service like ours you are sure to get home safely and whithin the fastest time possible.

We have the equiment ready for pull outs, lockouts and any thing you can think of just ask!! Towing and roadside assistance are our main services, our prices are very competetive in the Atlanta Georgia area starting out at 75$$ a tow, depending on location and vehicle make.

Call us today for our towing and emergency roadside services. Our drivers have 5 to 10 years of experience delivering towing services and other roadside assistance. We make sure that our drivers stay up to date with towing law and safety procedures. You will always be greeted by a towing profesional  profesional who is determined to get you home in the fastest time possible, call us today! 

 Atlanta wreckers stay in atlanta and surrounding areas and are standing by to save the day. If we cannot make it to your destination  in a decent time, we will refer you to someone who will. Thats how we work here. we work for your convenience and satisfaction.

Call us today.

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Happy Customers Testimonials

  1. "This wrecker service in Atlanta was very helpful and generous in getting me home. The service was fast and inexpensive too, I would easily recommend this service."
    Julio Canseco
    wrecker service atlanta testimonials
  2. "I never had to use a towing service before but this as a great first experience. Short wait, nice people, was home in 45 minutes after the call. would totally recommend to the next guy!"
    Ahmed Alhayki
    Wrecker service atlanta happy customer

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Wrecker Service Atlanta  is located in the Atlanta Area. We can go anywhere an are ready to do so. Call today
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